Number of students per year: 1 -2 

Typical offer:  A*A A at A-level or 7 7 6 (42+ overall) in the IB. For other qualifications, please click here.

Essential subjects: None.

Useful subjects: You may find it useful to study subjects relevant to the track you want to study - for example, English Literature for the Education, English, Drama and the Arts track. For more details about the three tracks, please visit the University subject website.

Education at Clare

In joining the energetic and enthusiastic Education community at Clare you will encounter both undergraduate and graduate students engaged in learning about and developing education in a variety of contexts and cultures.

Education at Clare will introduce you to both policy and practice through the society of students and Fellows, and opportunity to explore ideas within one of the most beautiful of Cambridge Colleges.

The library is well stocked with Education texts and with the University library literally right next door to Clare College, you have access to thousands of resources in Education which will  stimulate and support your exploration of one of the most significant subjects you can encounter.

Key People


Dr Sue Brindley

Director of Studies & University Senior Lecturer in Education

Dr Brindley's current interests are working with teachers and schools on professional development through practitioner research (CamSTAR: Cambridge, School Teachers and Research), which has developed links with Sydney University, Australia. She is particularly interested in the legitimisation of professional knowledge and the enhancement of professionalism through research.

CamSTAR brings her into contact with substantial numbers of teachers working across a wide range of areas, and she is now working on a cross school project (with ten schools) on Conditions for Excellence. A previous research theme on Dialogic Teaching led to a two year funded research project (Esmee Fairbairn) exploring dialogic teaching and learning  in secondary schools (CamTalk).