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Number of students per year: 3 - 4

Typical offer:  A*AA at A-level or 7 7 6 (42+ overall) in the IB. For other qualifications, please click here.

Essential subjects: None.

Useful subjects: Geography.

Geography at Clare 

Clare College has 2-3 geography students in each year and one Fellow, as well as varying numbers of PhD students and post-docs, ensuring a supportive environment for the study of this diverse and exciting subject.

The College and Department work closely together to plan supervision teaching and dissertation work, and give general advice on course selection and study skills.

Clare is committed to providing a stimulating academic environment with students and fellows working in subjects across the full range of arts and sciences.

Key People


Professor Andrew Friend

Director of Studies & Professor of Earth Systems Science and Fellow of Clare College

Andrew Friend's research interests concern controls on terrestrial vegetation type, structure, and productivity over a wide range of time and space scales and the effects of vegetation on atmospheric processes through land surface energy partitioning and carbon fluxes.


He develops numerical models in order to test our understanding of processes through the ability of these models to faithfully simulate real-world phenomena, as well as address concerns regarding the effects of global change on terrestrial ecosystems and potential future atmospheric feedbacks.


He continues to develop an individual-based model of vegetation dynamics, HYBRID, with the aim of producing processed-based representations of land surface processes for coupling to global-scale atmospheric models.


His current work is particularly concerned with the representation of individual plant growth, physiological differences between plant types and species, the representation of competition, and the global-scale dynamics of biogeochemistry-climate interactions.